Friday, 23 August 2019

Vanguard Series: Painting the Northern Alliance.

Ady: Being an archaeologist can be time consuming when it comes to putting together thesis for further studies, research and projects. So keeping things simple I have put together a very brief step by step on how I have painted the Northern Alliance faction starter set for Vanguard. As time is a bit tight I used a very quick approach, as you'll see.

I started out with just the basic undercoat followed by the wash. 

I then went over them with white leaving the darker recesses. Following that I picked out some of the details that I wanted to be other colours, hitting some with a blue wash. 

I then went over giving them all a final highlight of white. Then painted in the flesh and other details such as wood and metal. I then got to work on giving them a further Northern winter feel by giving them snow bases.

And there we have it! Relatively quickly I have my starter warband up and running ready to go.

- Ady

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