Friday, 29 March 2019

Salute: Friends in arms.

So the last article looked at the tables being put on by Soldado and Ex-F for Salute 2019. It seemed logical that the next step would be to cover two other tables that whilst are not tables under the Random Platypus banner, they are in some way linked to the community.

This year right next to the Random Platypus tables:
GM18Wait, What? & FriendsTurbo multiplayer deathmatch: frags, respawns, chainsaws, and quad damageParticipation

To find out how truly great this participation looks take a look here. Some of my favourite snaps.

And as this is a participation game, it is a table you can get up close to and spot all of those super cool details! Keep an eye out for popular culture references!!

The next game table is Wild in the Streets from our friend sOOp who ran it as an Random Platypus table last year with our Corehammer fellow dice rollers. This year, he is returning with his own stand and linked table. Both under his company name of Slow Death Games.

GH04Slow Death GamesWild In The Streets is a fast and furious skirmish game of youth subcultures fightingParticipation

Trade Stand:
              Slow Death Games                        

Now, it's getting to the point that some of us believe that Soldado could well be a graduate of Hogwarts. The reason? He has actually not prepared one table but two for Salute 2019 and there is no way any normal wargamer could do this without the aid of magic. You can find the thread here.


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